Captain America: Theater of War. Paul Jenkins. 9780785139904
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Riveting stories focusing on WWII, Iraq, and one story that goes through all of America's wars. Thought-provoking.

The Cartoon History of the United States. Larry Gonick. 9780062730985
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Dogs of War. Sheila Keenan and Nathan Fox. 9780545128889
Wow! GREAT BOOK! What an interesting way to teach about WWI, WWII, and Vietnam - animals have always been with man in times of struggle. I often discuss with students how the Russians trained dogs to go after Nazi tanks - this always results in engaged students. The book is sad at times, but always inspiring. I would not recommend under 8th grade due to battle violence.
FUBAR: American History Z ISBN 9781934985274
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Reading Level - Mature/Adult
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Basic Premise
American History - from Viking arrival through Obama - with zombies!
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DC Legends.
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