American Politics

Addicted to War: Why the US Can't Kick Militarism. Joel Andreas. 9781904859017
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The Amazing Spider-Man. Obama.
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The Amazing Spider-Man. Nixon variant.
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American Dream. Tom DeFalco. 9780785131847

Batman. Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington. 1999. 560, 561, 562. 1999,

Is this a story that can be compared to urban plight today? Camden? Detroit?


Freedom Fighters #1.
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The Great American Documents. Volume I: 1620-1830. Ruth Ashby and Ernie Colon. 9780374534530
Great book - I haven't been able to find a volume II - hope they decide to publish at some point.

Prez: First Teen President.
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Richie Bush. Kuper.
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Spider-Gwen Annual #1. 2016.
Much has been said about this comic that came out during the Presidential campaign season - is this an intentional lampooning of Donald Trump?


Transformers: All Hail Optimus. Barber.
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When Optimus takes over to protect the world - shades of totalitarianism, fascism, uber-nationalism. etc. Symbolic.

Uncle Sam. Steve Darnall. 9781401223489
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The United States Constitution. Jonathan Hennessey. Aaron McConnell. 9780809094707.

I had the privilege of meeting Jonathan and presenting with him on a panel at San Diego Comic Con. He is an intelligent and dedicated author and this shows in his work. This is a must buy graphic novel - it teaches the constitution in a highly accessible way that also delves into more recent events. This is a great book to show students why this document needs to be read and understood.